How was your weekend?


I spent most of my weekend sleeping and oh how I wish Monday’s didn’t come so quickly so I could sleep some more. 

I’ve been obsessed with Blue Bloods recently and have been watching it non stop on Netflix its almost an addiction, so last night (Sunday) I watched a different show. 

Friday night was not exciting, actually the long work week really caught up with me on Friday in which I went home and instantly fell to sleep. It was one of those days, I mean even my fiancé told me I looked stressed and tired. 

Saturday and Sunday I was woken up at 6am by our puppy to go on our morning walk in which I stayed up with her for the rest of the morning instead of going back to bed which I should have done. 

Saturday night was AMAZING!! The fiancé scored two Taylor Swift tickets to her 1989 tour for a steal of a price (He usually waits last minute to by any kind of event tickets because that is when people who can’t go are desperate to get rid of and want a quick buck so negotiating the price is always available) the beginning acts were Shawn Mendes and Vance Joy, the surprise guest was Ellie Goulding. It was a phenomenal concert! I’ve been to a dozen concerts but nothing like this! Absolutely Amazing!!

And well Sunday I did my morning walks, and watch blue bloods for the majority of the day in between naps of course. I’m lucky to have a fiancé who lets me be lazy at times.. Or I should really say thank you to football season for him not caring since he too is glued to the TV 





As you’re well aware of my family history from previous posts I have begun a series of cancer prevention appointments and building a team for any future decisions.

This year I have done the genetic screening, had my first mammogram (at 26) and two moles removed and biopsied for any cancerous cells. They were all nerve wracking but when it’s all okay to good news it makes the appointments and my decisions validation. 

Recently I had two moles removed that looks rare, the process was quick and my doctor did a thorough body scan to make sure I’m okay.  They first give you a numbing shot so when they remove them it doesn’t hurt, the shot has a 10-15 second sting but after that you are okay. They said the areas may ache or even feel like I had several paper cuts but honestly my imagination was far worse than what it really feels. The areas have begun to itch which means they are healing and it doesn’t hurt unless your fiancé accidently gives you a bear hug or a pat in the back or your dog try’s to lay on your face where the removal was.. That’s about the only times they actually bother me. I was told I would hear back in 5-7 days about the biopsy results but it was three days after the removal I received the call, my first call of a benign result. My heart skipped from joy of the results. 

Ive never been so happy!

Playing hooky?!


I took the day off so that I could make a couple doctors appointments and fit in some relaxation but I found that I haven’t sat down and put my feet up just yet. 

I saw a dermatologist at 8:30am and I got home around 9:45a in which yes I finally did rest but not without walking my pup for the 2nd time that morning… Napped until 11:44a in which I got up and went to my dentist appointment. 

Since then I went to the grocery store, washed dishes, made lasagna, washed those dishes and took my pup on two more walks. I was a very busy lady. 

By the time the beau came home dinner was served and the dog has already taken 6 walks throughout the day so she was napping. 

I finally sat back with my feet up at 7pm. Oh what an eventful day!!

Labor Day Weekend


The soon to be hubby and I flew to pinehurst NC to visit his father and step mom for a relaxing weekend. We found ourselves in the setting of what could be a scene out of a movie. His Dad retired three years ago to this remote area where he has enough land to keep his horses on the property with him, they have renovated there home and it is absolutely gorgeous. 

His home is surrounded by so many pine trees, his home is off of a dirt road and when you pull up to his red house with green shutters you are greeted by his wrap around porch and horse pasture so that the horses can come greet you. It is so relaxing. At night you can sit out and listen to the nice sound of silence with the occasional chirp of insects that sing to you. His backyard is large, there’s an in ground swimming pool and field in between to separate the house and barn. It is absolutely amazing.

We ate breakfast outside on the patio and home cooked meals for dinner (since neither of us cook this is a treat) however all we kept thinking about was how amazing it would be to live out here and how our puppy would just love to run around and visit with the horses. We are very fond of the town and would love to visit more often!!

I’m not one with many words


So in my past blogs I was kind of all over the place with my ideas and what I wrote about…  personal, fashion and make up mainly and so I stopped writing.

I suck at grammar and the correct usage of things but this is why it’s my blog and not yours. Free speech and if you are bothered by it then hit exit now.. Stop reading and move on.

This is just the set up for what’s to come so get ready new blogs will come on the weekends only.


Haute Look review


Back in December 2014 I checked out Haute Look after hearing many youtubers talk about it… Man oh man was my wallet in for a haul. In two months I have made 6 purchases with a total of 16 items.. That’s a lot for me since I typically get buyers remorse before purchasing and tend to talk myself out however the mobile app is so easy to purchase that it’s almost addicting. 

The down fall to the whole thing is how long you have to wait for the product 😦 I had waited over a month for one product it was very annoying since I wanted to put it to use right away. The shipment depends on the item, if the item has to ship from the manufacturer to haute look then you, you will wait a while however if the product is already with haute look then it will not take as long. I purchased some Lorac items on 2/27 with an expected delivery of 3/16 😦 why can’t I have it now!!! 

However the bargains make up for the length of shipment because you can score some great items for not a lot. I saved $103.00 off retail on the Lorac items… Can’t wait to receive so I can begin playing around 🙂

Check it out!!!

Morphe Brushes


I know I am not the only person who watches Jaclyn Hill on YouTube and ends up purchasing items after she mentions them but I was one of the lucky fans who was able to preorder her palette during the infamous Internet crash!

I love my sleep too much and hit snooze for an hour M-F so wearing make up during the week is almost non existent. I tend to try different looks on the weekend and tonight during my lazy snow day was no different. I used several shadows from the palette to accomplish this look.

I should add that I only did my eyes and lips and only put false eyelashes on one eye (no foundation, bronzer or eye brows were done in this photo)

Products used:
I am using my Jaclyn Hill Morphe Brushes palette for eyes
Nyx Curvaceous Mascara
Physicians formula eyeliner
E.L.F natural lash eyelashes
Nyx lip liner in Bloom
Nyx lip liner in Plum
Nyx soft matte in Istanbul