Amazing Cosmetics (Concealor) Review…


First off, I had never heard of this brand before but it was a sample that I received with a mini Sephora haul that I did a couple months back. The brand is Amazing Cosmetics but the item received was a concealor in the shade medium beige.

You should probably know that I have dry skin so I am very selective on the products that I use because they tend to cling onto my dry patches so I will be very honest!

I used this as a foundation instead of a concealor so this sample only lasted me two days but it gave me a medium coverage but certainly could be built to full coverage. I applied the product with my Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 brush which applied smoothly and almost like it was my own skin pigmentation.

I would highly consider purchasing the full bottle of this product however it’s pretty expensive. This product retails for $42. I don’t know about you but I’m on a budget since we are planning to say “I Do” next year.


Gerard Cosmetics Review



So two weeks after I placed my order I still had not received my items, I sent two emails and an Instagram message to Gerard Cosmetics and they finally got back to me, apologized for the delay and resent me a whole new order. I received both the original and replacement order and was told to keep them both, if that doesn’t say that they care for their customers than you’ve lost your marbles- they took care of me and my need for this product very well!

I purchased Jaclyn’s babies because it was less expensive than buying them separately, I also used a coupon code to save 25% off my entire order so that helped too!

The lipgloss are very pigmented and last a while however it does not apply as easily as I would hope, with other lip glosses you can dab a little to the center of the lip and move your lips side to side to apply it however you cannot with these. The pigmentation is so vibrant that it’s hard to apply it lightly without over applying.. You can certainly build up the color to make it darker but the first application is pigmented enough!

I love that the lip glosses and lipstick are not sticky and do not make your lips smack which is GREAT!!

What should I do with the extra two lip glosses and lipstick??

Nyx Lip Product (Buttergloss & Matte Cream) Review


In the past 6 months I have become more interested in makeup but momma ain’t rich so i’ve been buying make up every once in a while when I have a little extra in my budget and the item i’ve stumbled upon that meets my financial needs is the Nyx cosmetic line. I have several items from eyeshadow, concealor, lipsticks and lipglosses but what really got me was their buttergloss line.

I hate lip glosses that leave your lips sticky and your lips smacking however when I read the reviews and tried it myself I just LOVED it and had to share… as in I bought my sisters the Apple Strudel buttergloss and Antwerp matte cream and had them try it too.

The results are in…. WE LOVED BOTH… but with the following opinion the colors in the Matte creams are to die for however Flinche and I felt that they dried our lips where Flaca loved it and didn’t understand the drying of the lips. Flaca’s husband even noticed the lip color so thats a plus. We all love the butterglosses but the color does not pop like that of the matte creams but that won’t stop us from purchasing more.

I have the following;

Buttergloss: (fun for every day)

Apple Strudel and Creme Brulee

Soft Matte Lip Cream: (exfoliate the lips and moisturize before wearing this)


Round Case Lipstick: (I have not found a flattering lip color)

Margarita (Shimmery Coral-pearl)

Fig (Dark neutral pink-cream)


Soy Face Cleanser Review


Several months ago my skin was becoming extremely dry and patchy near my chin area so I decided to try a new cleanser. I heard so many great reviews about the Soy Face Cleanser that I decided to take the risk and try it. The reason why I call it a risk is because my body is highly sensitive so trying new things is not my thing.

The cleanser is similar to a gel consistancy and does not foam a lot so it’s very gentle to the skin and leaves it feeling smooth. The only thing I feel you should be warned is that it smells like fresh cut cucumbers so if you do not like cucumbers I suggest not using this product as it is straight up Cucumber. If that will be an issue I suggest using Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser (that will be my next review).

Great product and very glad I stepped out of my bubble and tried it. Should you have any questions about this product, please leave a comment and I will try to answer you back at my earliest convenience.


Tis the season to be….oh wait i’m still early


Football season has ┬ábegun which means my sundays consist of being lazy and hacking into my older sister’s netflix and watch as many cheesy movies until the game lasts. Although cheesy movies are my specialty so are Christmas Movies.

I am a little homesick for New England, the leaves turning, the smell of the leaves and the crisp fall air as well as apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides, corn mazes, apple cider… ┬áso what did I do you ask, I lit our cinnamon stick candle of Yankee Candle (mmmm smells amazing) and tons of Christmas movies.

I don’t know what it is about Christmas that brings me so much peace and happiness. You would think that after loosing my parents in November that Christmas would be depressing and I would become the Grinch but quite the opposite affect. I love all things Christmas, something about it makes me feel warm and whole inside. Although I wish my parents were here to celebrate the idea of christmas and all things christmas I feel so close to them.

I know I am far too early but I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season this year, if you hit a bump in the road just think about the most memorable and happy christmas youve ever experienced and hope that helps you during the tough time you may be going through!

I am unsure if this all happened during one christmas or over many christmas’ but I remember my mom taking my sisters and I out one night to play in the snow… she lost her keys that night. We once thought Santa Clause forgot about us until we went into my older sister’s Bedroom and all of our gifts were scattered all over her room. This other time we were dressed up and went over to a little girls house in the neighborhood, i believe her name was Sarah and we ate white chocolate lollypops.. i think we may have taken some home too. We also used to go over our friend’s grandma’s house (her grandma’s name was June) and we would go sledding and drink hot chocolate afterwards. It was always a great season for me and I cannot wait to begin a family and start christmas traditions like those to fill their heads with. Until that day happens I’d like to help bring the same joy to my nieces!!!