As you’re well aware of my family history from previous posts I have begun a series of cancer prevention appointments and building a team for any future decisions.

This year I have done the genetic screening, had my first mammogram (at 26) and two moles removed and biopsied for any cancerous cells. They were all nerve wracking but when it’s all okay to good news it makes the appointments and my decisions validation. 

Recently I had two moles removed that looks rare, the process was quick and my doctor did a thorough body scan to make sure I’m okay.  They first give you a numbing shot so when they remove them it doesn’t hurt, the shot has a 10-15 second sting but after that you are okay. They said the areas may ache or even feel like I had several paper cuts but honestly my imagination was far worse than what it really feels. The areas have begun to itch which means they are healing and it doesn’t hurt unless your fiancé accidently gives you a bear hug or a pat in the back or your dog try’s to lay on your face where the removal was.. That’s about the only times they actually bother me. I was told I would hear back in 5-7 days about the biopsy results but it was three days after the removal I received the call, my first call of a benign result. My heart skipped from joy of the results. 

Ive never been so happy!


Being proactive for yourself..


So after much consideration, research and long talks with my fiancé and my family I have decided that I needed to begin caring for myself. I decided to seek a genetic testing counselor. My appointment is set for February. She will be going over testing information, my genetic risks from what I have informed them of and a plan for what I can do.

I am so glad that this is someone’s job as they can explain things more thoroughly than what I research online. I have been having such a tough time finding blogs about genetic testing and their results and reactions, now I can speak to someone about it. Discuss what I can do and what is covered under my insurance. I am nervous but very happy to have this available to me.

I will let you all know how it goes!

Decisions… Decisions


I haven’t posted lately because there has been a lot on my mind that has kept me preoccupied.

My parents were diagnosed and lost their lives to Cancer which has recently been making me think of my prevent options and of my future more lately because life is so precious and you never know when you no longer get chances. I do not have breast cancer so do not get this blog wrong but I have been thinking about my prevention options.

In approximately Two months and 25 days I will be turning 25 years old. My health is alright but I could be a lot better. I have a poor immune system and my body reacts quickly to things it does not agree with; with that I begin to think about how my body would react if I ever were to get cancer and I don’t think I could be strong so I wanted to begin looking into prevention plans that I could begin now and not wait so long.would say that I am in good health but I physically could be healthier.

I need to begin thinking if I could have a double mastectomy at age 25? If I do, the option of breast feeding is taken away and even though deep down I know Breast feeding is not for me it’s still an option I will not have. How will this affect me with my future kids? How will my body react? Will I get an infection? Will I heal okay? Do I even want to go through this? Through the pain? Through the body change? How will my body adapt to a foreign object in my system?

I have a high rate of getting breast cancer right now, if I get a mastectomy I would not remove the risk 100% but I would lower the risk. These thoughts have been circulating my mind because I’ve been thinking about my mother and how strong she was to have been diagnosed twice and fight the battle.

A decision needs to be made but to what extreme do I want to prevent it? I want to put an end to it before it gets me down… I want to make a change in order to elongate my future with my fiancé and our future. I have a choice, a decision that I need to make, a decision option choice that I need to make for myself.