Gerard Cosmetics Review



So two weeks after I placed my order I still had not received my items, I sent two emails and an Instagram message to Gerard Cosmetics and they finally got back to me, apologized for the delay and resent me a whole new order. I received both the original and replacement order and was told to keep them both, if that doesn’t say that they care for their customers than you’ve lost your marbles- they took care of me and my need for this product very well!

I purchased Jaclyn’s babies because it was less expensive than buying them separately, I also used a coupon code to save 25% off my entire order so that helped too!

The lipgloss are very pigmented and last a while however it does not apply as easily as I would hope, with other lip glosses you can dab a little to the center of the lip and move your lips side to side to apply it however you cannot with these. The pigmentation is so vibrant that it’s hard to apply it lightly without over applying.. You can certainly build up the color to make it darker but the first application is pigmented enough!

I love that the lip glosses and lipstick are not sticky and do not make your lips smack which is GREAT!!

What should I do with the extra two lip glosses and lipstick??