As you’re well aware of my family history from previous posts I have begun a series of cancer prevention appointments and building a team for any future decisions.

This year I have done the genetic screening, had my first mammogram (at 26) and two moles removed and biopsied for any cancerous cells. They were all nerve wracking but when it’s all okay to good news it makes the appointments and my decisions validation. 

Recently I had two moles removed that looks rare, the process was quick and my doctor did a thorough body scan to make sure I’m okay.  They first give you a numbing shot so when they remove them it doesn’t hurt, the shot has a 10-15 second sting but after that you are okay. They said the areas may ache or even feel like I had several paper cuts but honestly my imagination was far worse than what it really feels. The areas have begun to itch which means they are healing and it doesn’t hurt unless your fiancĂ© accidently gives you a bear hug or a pat in the back or your dog try’s to lay on your face where the removal was.. That’s about the only times they actually bother me. I was told I would hear back in 5-7 days about the biopsy results but it was three days after the removal I received the call, my first call of a benign result. My heart skipped from joy of the results. 

Ive never been so happy!