Tis the season to be….oh wait i’m still early


Football season has ┬ábegun which means my sundays consist of being lazy and hacking into my older sister’s netflix and watch as many cheesy movies until the game lasts. Although cheesy movies are my specialty so are Christmas Movies.

I am a little homesick for New England, the leaves turning, the smell of the leaves and the crisp fall air as well as apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides, corn mazes, apple cider… ┬áso what did I do you ask, I lit our cinnamon stick candle of Yankee Candle (mmmm smells amazing) and tons of Christmas movies.

I don’t know what it is about Christmas that brings me so much peace and happiness. You would think that after loosing my parents in November that Christmas would be depressing and I would become the Grinch but quite the opposite affect. I love all things Christmas, something about it makes me feel warm and whole inside. Although I wish my parents were here to celebrate the idea of christmas and all things christmas I feel so close to them.

I know I am far too early but I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season this year, if you hit a bump in the road just think about the most memorable and happy christmas youve ever experienced and hope that helps you during the tough time you may be going through!

I am unsure if this all happened during one christmas or over many christmas’ but I remember my mom taking my sisters and I out one night to play in the snow… she lost her keys that night. We once thought Santa Clause forgot about us until we went into my older sister’s Bedroom and all of our gifts were scattered all over her room. This other time we were dressed up and went over to a little girls house in the neighborhood, i believe her name was Sarah and we ate white chocolate lollypops.. i think we may have taken some home too. We also used to go over our friend’s grandma’s house (her grandma’s name was June) and we would go sledding and drink hot chocolate afterwards. It was always a great season for me and I cannot wait to begin a family and start christmas traditions like those to fill their heads with. Until that day happens I’d like to help bring the same joy to my nieces!!!