Playing hooky?!


I took the day off so that I could make a couple doctors appointments and fit in some relaxation but I found that I haven’t sat down and put my feet up just yet. 

I saw a dermatologist at 8:30am and I got home around 9:45a in which yes I finally did rest but not without walking my pup for the 2nd time that morning… Napped until 11:44a in which I got up and went to my dentist appointment. 

Since then I went to the grocery store, washed dishes, made lasagna, washed those dishes and took my pup on two more walks. I was a very busy lady. 

By the time the beau came home dinner was served and the dog has already taken 6 walks throughout the day so she was napping. 

I finally sat back with my feet up at 7pm. Oh what an eventful day!!


Liquid lipsticks/stains


The new lipstick trend is hitting beauty lovers by storm with liquid lipsticks and stains … It is everywhere but what is wrong with me? What am I doing wrong?

I have purchased two so far as I enjoy the look however they do not stay on my lips long and wear in the wrong ways 😦

I purchased Stilla fiore and the color is too bright and a sales gal at Ulta convinced me into purchasing Smashbox longwear lip laquer in pink social instead of Too Faces Melted liquid lipsticks.

I will apply pink social in the morning and by noon it has worn out and looks like I have lip liner outlined.

What are your tips and tricks in getting them to last long? Which brand do you recommend?

E.L.F Haul


We all love make up and how it makes us feel but how annoying is it to walk into a store like Ulta or Sephora and just looking at the prices just about maxes out your credit card without even spending a dime?!

I have several goals and things I am saving up for but I really wanted to splurge a little….So I let myself spend $40.50 in makeup… And no I didn’t purchase two or three items… I purchased almost 30 items. Although this brand is inexpensive that doesn’t mean that the payoff is cheap or not good, it’s actually really good!

E.L.F was having their 50% off sale plus their usual free shipping after $40 spent. I bought what seems like everything under the sun!!! I am very happy with everything I got and how I don’t feel guilty about it!


The swatches above are the following:
Moonlight Pearl- baked highlight
Passion Pink- baked blush
Pink minx- moisturizing lipstick
Berry Blush- glossy gloss (lipgloss)
Natural and nearly nude- matte lip color

If you sign up for their newsletter you will know when they have their Buy one get one free or their 50% off sales!

Coca-Cola SuperBowl Commercial, is it controversial or not?


I watched the Super Bowl and do not remember seeing the Coca-Cola commercial that has so many are outraged. I googled the ad and the controversy and after watching it I am astonished by everyone’s backlash and how outrageous people are being. All I see is so much hate and racism it’s unbelievable. I am aware that not everyone is open minded as I am about other cultures and race but I am disgusted with people’s reactions. First of all the entire song was NOT sung in just foreign languages but English as well. Second of all, Coca-Cola has always been about oneness ( don’t be fooled they did support Apartheid which I don’t agree with) they are a global product not just a product for English speaking Americans. Third, did everyone forget that their ancestors came from foreign countries and migrated to what is now the UNITED states of America. Fourth, English comes from England which is a different country that is not “American”. I could not believe all the hate I saw. The Coca-Cola Commercial was nicely done and got the message across that America is a melting pot and each day we become more and more diverse. STOP THE HATE AND GET OVER YOURSELF!!