Morphe Brushes


I know I am not the only person who watches Jaclyn Hill on YouTube and ends up purchasing items after she mentions them but I was one of the lucky fans who was able to preorder her palette during the infamous Internet crash!

I love my sleep too much and hit snooze for an hour M-F so wearing make up during the week is almost non existent. I tend to try different looks on the weekend and tonight during my lazy snow day was no different. I used several shadows from the palette to accomplish this look.

I should add that I only did my eyes and lips and only put false eyelashes on one eye (no foundation, bronzer or eye brows were done in this photo)

Products used:
I am using my Jaclyn Hill Morphe Brushes palette for eyes
Nyx Curvaceous Mascara
Physicians formula eyeliner
E.L.F natural lash eyelashes
Nyx lip liner in Bloom
Nyx lip liner in Plum
Nyx soft matte in Istanbul


Nyx Lip Product (Buttergloss & Matte Cream) Review


In the past 6 months I have become more interested in makeup but momma ain’t rich so i’ve been buying make up every once in a while when I have a little extra in my budget and the item i’ve stumbled upon that meets my financial needs is the Nyx cosmetic line. I have several items from eyeshadow, concealor, lipsticks and lipglosses but what really got me was their buttergloss line.

I hate lip glosses that leave your lips sticky and your lips smacking however when I read the reviews and tried it myself I just LOVED it and had to share… as in I bought my sisters the Apple Strudel buttergloss and Antwerp matte cream and had them try it too.

The results are in…. WE LOVED BOTH… but with the following opinion the colors in the Matte creams are to die for however Flinche and I felt that they dried our lips where Flaca loved it and didn’t understand the drying of the lips. Flaca’s husband even noticed the lip color so thats a plus. We all love the butterglosses but the color does not pop like that of the matte creams but that won’t stop us from purchasing more.

I have the following;

Buttergloss: (fun for every day)

Apple Strudel and Creme Brulee

Soft Matte Lip Cream: (exfoliate the lips and moisturize before wearing this)


Round Case Lipstick: (I have not found a flattering lip color)

Margarita (Shimmery Coral-pearl)

Fig (Dark neutral pink-cream)