Morphe Brushes


I know I am not the only person who watches Jaclyn Hill on YouTube and ends up purchasing items after she mentions them but I was one of the lucky fans who was able to preorder her palette during the infamous Internet crash!

I love my sleep too much and hit snooze for an hour M-F so wearing make up during the week is almost non existent. I tend to try different looks on the weekend and tonight during my lazy snow day was no different. I used several shadows from the palette to accomplish this look.

I should add that I only did my eyes and lips and only put false eyelashes on one eye (no foundation, bronzer or eye brows were done in this photo)

Products used:
I am using my Jaclyn Hill Morphe Brushes palette for eyes
Nyx Curvaceous Mascara
Physicians formula eyeliner
E.L.F natural lash eyelashes
Nyx lip liner in Bloom
Nyx lip liner in Plum
Nyx soft matte in Istanbul


Liquid lipsticks/stains


The new lipstick trend is hitting beauty lovers by storm with liquid lipsticks and stains … It is everywhere but what is wrong with me? What am I doing wrong?

I have purchased two so far as I enjoy the look however they do not stay on my lips long and wear in the wrong ways 😦

I purchased Stilla fiore and the color is too bright and a sales gal at Ulta convinced me into purchasing Smashbox longwear lip laquer in pink social instead of Too Faces Melted liquid lipsticks.

I will apply pink social in the morning and by noon it has worn out and looks like I have lip liner outlined.

What are your tips and tricks in getting them to last long? Which brand do you recommend?

E.L.F Haul


We all love make up and how it makes us feel but how annoying is it to walk into a store like Ulta or Sephora and just looking at the prices just about maxes out your credit card without even spending a dime?!

I have several goals and things I am saving up for but I really wanted to splurge a little….So I let myself spend $40.50 in makeup… And no I didn’t purchase two or three items… I purchased almost 30 items. Although this brand is inexpensive that doesn’t mean that the payoff is cheap or not good, it’s actually really good!

E.L.F was having their 50% off sale plus their usual free shipping after $40 spent. I bought what seems like everything under the sun!!! I am very happy with everything I got and how I don’t feel guilty about it!


The swatches above are the following:
Moonlight Pearl- baked highlight
Passion Pink- baked blush
Pink minx- moisturizing lipstick
Berry Blush- glossy gloss (lipgloss)
Natural and nearly nude- matte lip color

If you sign up for their newsletter you will know when they have their Buy one get one free or their 50% off sales!

Hairfinity Review


I feel pretty when my hair looks healthy, what about you?

The first thing you see on the hairfinity website is “Hairfinity Hair Vitamins are formulated with essential nutrients for healthy hair growth. Our vitamins nourish your hair from the INSIDE OUT. Most customers report positive results in the first month.”

I purchased a one month supply of the hairfinity as like everyone else, I too want longer, fuller, healthier hair and I wanted to see what one month would do before I bit the bullet and purchased more. I’ve tried using high end shampoos and conditioners but resulted in itchy scalp to the point where I had welts on my scalp so you could see why I would be skeptical. I used to take Biotin vitamins every single day for a year and saw no difference so how would this pill be any different? I watched several YouTube testimonials and read enough reviews to last me a lifetime but in the end I had to see it for myself. The reason why I was hesitant was because the reviews had more pros but some of the cons I saw or read were increase in acne, made the hair brittle, unhealthy or damaged, itchy scalp and many more things and well my body is very sensitive so I was concerned I would see more cons than pros.

I am hitting week three of hairfinity and I wanted to see if I could see a difference. I saw some slight difference in my eye lashes, my nails were looking much healthier and my hair looks fuller but not a huge difference in length. In the photos included you can see a difference in the fullness and slight length but not super crazy like some people boast about in their reviews.

Please remember this is my perspective on my reaction and reflections of having hairfinity in the past three weeks! I will buy another one month supply to see how it goes and will do another review then. I should also add that my diet is poor and I am working on eating better so that too has an effect on hair growth.

Product retails for:
1 month = $24
2 month = $48


Fitbit Flex Review


Many keep raving about the fitbit and how it keeps track of many things. First of all you do not need a fitbit to use the Fitbit App.

I used the fitbit app for several months prior to receiving the Flex.The package came with two bands to fit a small or large wrist. I found that it looked bulky against my small wrist however it did not get in the way nor bother me during workouts.

Comes with Two wristbands
Color was nice
For the most part very accurate in steps
It has a sleep feauture
Easy to set up
Encourages your water intake
If you do not have the sleep feature in sensitive it does not work accurately
It does not report your blood pressure
The app is not like fitnesspal you have to manually input your own calories and meals. It’s not up to date like fitness pal where you can search restaurants and it will already have the meal done. It’s very frustrating!
The adjustable clasp was stiff so it was very difficult for it to snap on


I didn’t find that the Flex was necessary to keep track of my steps, workouts or food diary as both the app and fitnesspal were already providing me with everything I needed and used without spending money on an object that wasnt necessary. However, it’d be worth it to me if it was free (BTW my job is having a contest of who ever takes the most steps in a month will receive one)